Investment reporting for professional investors

Take the bird's eye view!

It is often an advantage to watch matters from above.

Apex Reporting Services offers you this advantage by providing you regularly with the relevant information about your investments. This helps you find out at any given time if there is a need for action regarding your investments. 

Your benefit

Flexible from A to Z

Choose your own design for reports as well as your own modules of analysis or else choose your own type of analyses. Even after they have been introduced, we effect changes within a very short time. Choose your options.

High-end infrastructure

We produce your reports with an infrastructure which is normally the exclusive domain of big investors. This gives you access to the most up-to-date methods of analysis.

Stay independent

We do nothing but investment reporting. We do not offer custody, nor investment advice, nor manager selection, nor controlling. This ensures that there are no conflicts of interests.

Empower yourself

We condense the wealth of your investment figures into simple, comprehensible information so that you understand what has been going on and what the present situation is. This empowers you to take your own decisions.

Treat yourself to a tailored solution

Our reports fully reflect your investment strategy and your investment topics. This helps you transport the increase in value to the reportee in the best possible way.

Cutting edge investment reporting

We comply with and shape best practices in investment reporting. You benefit from the highest standards and keep up to date with the latest developments.

Who for?

Our reporting services are perfectly geared both towards your own requirements and towards the reporting services you offer your clients.

For in-house purposes

You are a professional investor (pension fund, collective foundation, family office, company with large assets). Apex Reporting Services provides you with customized reports for your in-house reporting. We address each body in your organization with its own report.

For your clients

You are a professional investor (wealth manager, multi family office, bank) who reports to clients. Whilst you provide competent investment services to your clients, you can impress them with reports you commission us to produce.


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About us

Apex Reporting Services is a joint venture of bmpi AG and Dr. Stefan Joachim Illmer.

Since its foundation in 1997 bmpi has offered services and products of investment reporting. Their clients in this field include Credit Suisse, Julius Bär and ZKB.

Dr. Stefan J. Illmer is a qualified, internationally acknowledged expert in the fields of investment reporting and performance measurement.

Dr. Stefan Joachim Illmer

Dr. Stefan Joachim Illmer

Dr. Stefan Joachim Illmer is a qualified, internationally acknowledged expert in the field of investment reporting and performance measurement. He is the president of the GIPS group of experts of the Swiss Bankers Association and the president of the Investment Reporting Working Group of the CFA Institute. He initiates and shapes the essential standards of investment reporting and performance measurement.


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Dr. Oliver Gloor